stroll avenue in the daytime.Now

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MessagePosté le: Lun 22 Juil 2013 12:27 am    Sujet du message: stroll avenue in the daytime.Now
Why does the not well-behaved person steal?Because money come of too easily, be like from the pocket of nation in take out money similar, even the junior high schools didn't graduate of small youth, seem to be specially active at this time.Steal at the mid-night, smoke, drink, play cards, stroll avenue in the daytime.Now, wish old two people of teacher blessing and then live to guard a church in the church, he says to do the best for church.I say to want to be seen by hall, he went fetch key and made me open the door by myself due to running about inconvenience.I slowly walk up through hall, slightly push away a scarlet wood door and imitate a Buddha to browse a decorous history book.
Growing of neck black hair, and the skin of body form anti- bad fall to differ very greatly.The long hair that is like lion neck there is a kind of dignity.Lion-like face, one is serious of facial expression.Attain not to say three four, don't publicize the other people's bad reputation.For the other people's mistake, adopt to gloat over the disaster of others and the way for taking delight in talking about, probably you can get brief pleasure, but can not cover up your birdbrain.Be expected to the stain of advertising the others, cover up own shortage, prove that oneself is also a reputation wolf a book.The very red lantern pulls street very long very beautiful, the very red scrolls tradition wears ancient culture, the very red blessing word sticks everybody blooms such as the flower towards livingly wishing a wish,nike free, very red firecrackers being before each family ……celebrate the New Year!Just these artistic conception that represent red fire fire without many year flavors. The childhood years with full intention hopes New Year's Day,cheap asics, feeling that the meeting is huge surprise and happiness.
But I am unreasonable, also total have no the ground had scruples about at the rainy day, in the pit pit Wa Wa of mire of path up jump up, accustom to ground to make oneself become clay doll. The both sides of road are one row low short of, not even tile building.Rainy day inside, the rain water follows low short brick to flow bottom, tap on the road,asics tiger, chisel and carve road cave convex gravamen, Xu in the pit pit Wa Wa rain water.Can those come and go to tell oneself, have some matters some the Hou root can't give his/her own too many time to consider riddle bottom.At this time oneself can crustily skin of head, earnest, hard of look for it ……I then will accept this experience and training well at this time of, find back oneself, is oneself once. At this time, the sadness stretches the leaf of opening its red rose sort and open heart toward the sun.
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