the society of China

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The person asks a Buddha the matter in those early years.The Buddha says "I once loved, but had never been in love".This quarterly continues long endless, party don't exert, know to hide for none of three years where go to of the persons can by chance meet, then coolly exchange greeting.The recollection hustles too much, blunt Kua each road for us to come, we the Dian Pei live life of refugee of of come and go, most also just make futile efforts of bright.My heart trembles and put out strength of tremble,asics onitsuka tigers, be like the one leaf in the bise, Hua ground.My memory inside last act concerning wife's younger sister just:She is lifted by the other people, walked, walked far, the facing ash receives of the sun dip down of direction.
Originally at our small of time, the gift flower is to don't call gift flower,asics for men, we all call those colourful thing floret son.(salt city words)There is 1 kind in the floret son call cold Yan fiery of, order hereafter have gold color and silvery light, be like similar ocean ocean of snowflake to spread of float everywhere.Imagine the tender feeling in own remainder. Is riotous in the night, get fed up with sleeping.At this lonesome in the existence of the isolation that I realized my own existence-a short moment.This state combines not that easy get, relate to environment,cheap asics, even relate to mood.The nipping mountain breeze sticks the mountain lodge"Sou Sou" the ground once pared off and curled up the pebbles and the accumulated snowed of the ground abruptly shot to beat on the body, cheeks, I have to and carry on the back body Yan noodles and follow a hillside and hope and pass by. The rugged hill path follows mountain to certainly wind around but descend and is like a long long rope to tie up to round in the desolate hillside, drops into mountain bottom and rises that knoll village conjunction.
Have never understood these ruleses of I is naturally to feel very curious and originally be like small factory like this also having this kind of is disciplinary, just so-called have no rules not to become a square circle.Want to think, feel in the mind five flavours miscellaneous Chen, the society of China, return be really oddness, the difference of this position, the putting together of identity compares mental state, be really deeply rooted.One day, the wife shampooes for me and suddenly says:"Your grey hair again many."My in the mind not from gush a silk to doubt, my youth really not at?That we discuss it later a dream to speak of 30 but sign and then had to truely hope head, and no longer just the head of hoping of a person.I completely have the reason believes future scenery that the inside will certainly appear you, I determine of footprint.
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